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Sep 18, 2016

Cold, grey, rainy days are worthwhile

Now I often get asked by guests “Is it worth going out – will we see anything?” My stock answer is that it is always beautiful and you will see more than in your hotel room. This was one of those days and my intrepid explorer guests decided not only to go out on a […]

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Rhino surprise – by Adam Snyman

What seemed to me and to be just a full day game drive safari for the day, out on a reserve I’ve never been to, turned out to be a lifetime experience. Only once I got back to Ghost Mountain did I find out that Jean set me up but what a setup it was. […]

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Aug 23, 2016

Spurwing Butterfly

At this time of the year Spurwing geese keep me entertained. They gather in large numbers on the shores of the lake and many of them moult. This results in flocks of geese either running along the shore to get away from anything that makes them nervous or else they take to the water with […]

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