Our community focus is primarily on education and assisting learners at an early stage in their development in order to have a life long impact We work with and aim to raise awareness and sponsorship for the local schoolchildren in the Mkuze and Ubombo areas. Guests are welcome to visit schools if they are interested to meet learners and teachers in order to attain further insight into how they can assist.

Most rural schools are severely under resourced and most families in the area living on poverty levels the simplest donations of school supplies, uniforms, books and magazines and even health and hygiene items can make the world of difference to these learners and their teachers.



Links between the Ghost Mountain Inn, the Rutherfoord family and Mtwazi Combined School go back to the early late 50’s when Roy Rutherfoord helped build the original Mtwazi School, a couple of years before building the Ghost Mountain Inn in 1962. The school has grown tremendously and today educates over 1200 learners squeezed into a school that was originally built for a lot fewer people.

Despite the addition of a new classroom wing a few years ago there is still a need for additional classrooms and more importantly operating equipment such as desks and chairs as well as stationary and uniforms.


Currently our primary project is the building of a computer room. Technology can open up a world of opportunity for the learners at Mtwazi Combined School. It offers the opportunity of bringing the world and it’s opportunities closer to Mkuze. Currently most learners at Mtwazi complete their schooling without having ever touched a computer. This limits their exposure that technology allows and gives them an immediate handicap when wanting to find their first job or study at a tertiary institution.The budget for this project is R1.5 m and a sizeable portion of this amount needs to be raised before construction can commence. Any contribution would be most welcome and appreciated: from cash, building materials, furniture and computers to books and learning aids.

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We are blessed to have some shining stars in our area who have committed their lives to improving the lives of others. Pastor Beatrice Nhleko is one such lady who has started a place of safety for woman and children at Ubombo. The inn is happy to assist with the donation of clothes, linen, bedding and towels that can no longer be used in the hotel.



Where possible local suppliers are sourced to supply the Ghost Mountain Inn. This makes economic sense and gives us a unique identity and offering. Local crafters produce a variety of operating supplies such as placemats, trays and some uniforms.

Our Gift Shop offers an opportunity to give exposure to our local craft and crafters with products that include leather bags, beaded, embroidered and wooden craft. Some of our local crafters include:

Alex & ThatchFancy Stitch Womens Group

maTombi Woman in Craft



Collectively the management of Ghost Mountain Inn has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the tourism industry. They are always willing to share this knowledge in assisting local tourism entrepreneurs from new Bed &Breakfasts to Transfer Services.




Some Tour Operators that we work with have donated fruit trees when their guests stay at the Ghost Mountain Inn and any guests are welcome to do the same.

It is encouraging to see learners at the school taking care of these trees and enjoying their fruits as the trees mature


Water is a scarce commodity in many of our surrounding areas with woman and kids still working many kilometres a day to collect heavy buckets of water. As resources become available we are able to install solar powered boreholes to ease this burden in some of the more remote parts.

Recently we facilitated the installation of a new solar powered borehole for Zimbidleni School. With great thanks to the Universities Business Challenge in the UK who assisted greatly with the fundraising for this project as well as local business who provided time and materials.


Even though we are surrounded by wildlife and conservation areas it is astounding that many local kids have never had the opportunity to visit these areas.

Our guides are always eager to take these kids into the reserve to see wild animals for the first time and to be introduced to the importance of the conservation of our rich heritage.


The hotel manages and measure our energy needs, reduces demand for energy and conserves natural resources.

We use products, responsible suppliers and materials, which support and encourage sustainable practices and do not threaten our environment.

Our greatest pride are our indigenous Gardens were local, water wise plants are introduced.


A hotel generates a lot of recyclable materials and instead of filling up landfill sights a recycling program has been instituted. While we have collectors for cardboard and plastic there are sadly a number of obstacles to running this type of program in rural areas. Despite it being so crucial to the conservation of our environment there is a lack of municipal infrastructure to assist in recycling programs. All material has to be carted 150km to Richards Bay or 300km to Durban depending on the type of material.

Expertise and funding is currently being sought for the building of a collection centre in Mkuze that can collect enough material to make the project more viable.

9_community-packforpurposelogoPACK FOR A PURPOSE

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please “click here” to see what supplies are needed for our projects.


9_community_subzlogoHYGIENE PACKS

For many young girls in the area, sanitary pads are a luxury that they can’t afford. As a result they have to miss school when they are menstruating. Working with Subzpads we have managed to raise funds to purchase hygienic and reusable liners.

Additionally local businesses are encouraged to join us in providing monthly care packs for the young girls. Each pack contains soap, deodorant, panties, sanitary pads and body lotion.

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Make a general contribution, support a particular school or program or supply educational materials


Donations can be allocated to a specific go into the general fund which will be allocated to by the Foundation Trustees.

If you are interested in making a donation, please use the account details below:
Ndumu Charitable Foundation
Bank: FNB – First National Bank
Bank Code: 210855
Account No. 62638793994
Bank Sort Code: 210855

Please Reference the payment with the project you wish to support and your name


If you would like further information on how you can assist in the upliftment of our local community or any other information concerning our community involvement, please feel free to contact us by filling in the form below: