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Cold, grey, rainy days are worthwhile

Now I often get asked by guests “Is it worth going out – will we see anything?” My stock answer is that it is always beautiful and you will see more than in your hotel room. This was one of those days and my intrepid explorer guests decided not only to go out on a cold wet day but to do a full four hours in the downpour. Their reward at the end of it all – wild dogs.

Towards the end of the drive we came across some baboons behaving strangely. The females were disappearing with the young, the big male where in a guarding stance and some of the young males giving a strange bark. Their behaviour was one of concern but not fear as with the presence of most predators. I stopped to look around and explained that the behaviour was indicative of something wrong but I was not sure what. I could not see anything and drove on slowly looking around. Suddenly a wild dog appeared in the road ahead of us to be joined a little later by the rest of a small pack. So my advice is always “Let’s go and enjoy ourselves no matter what”.