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Walking safaris are a truly immersive way to experience this rustic landscape. Walk in the steps of our ancestors while the sounds and smells of the African bush awaken your senses as you saunter along riverbeds, hike through myth and legend and explore some of our proudest African landscapes. All of our walks are accompanied by guides who are well versed in local history and culture, as well as the fauna and flora of the area.

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Mkuze River Bird Walk

1 to 2 HOURS


This is a gentle walk that leaves the hotel and traverses the dam in front of the hotel into the Mkuze riverbed and along to the old weir. A large number of birds both water and open savannah species are to be seen with specials including Palm Swifts, White-eared Barbets, Giant and Malachite Kingfishers, Black Coucal and many others. The scenery offers up wonderful views of both Ghost Mountain and the Lebombo Mountain Range.

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Ghost Mountain Hike

3 to 4 HOURS


Take a walk amongst beauty, myth and history in a hike to the top of the Ghost Mountain (Tshaneni) and take in the expansive view of the area, including the battlegrounds of the 1884 Battle of Tshaneni. Local legend has it that the mountain is haunted and there are claims that, at times, lights can be seen emanating from the summit and eerie sounds can be heard. This intriguing mountain is a protected site of cultural and historical significance and a hike up the eastern side to learn more about the history and folklore of the mountain and the surrounding area is an absolute must.

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Umkhuze Fig Forest Walk

5 to 6 HOURS

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Spoil the senses to a remarkable fig forest walk as you explore the spellbinding beauty of natural Africa. Although the Fig Forest Walk is only about two hours long, the walk itself is situated deep in the uMkhuze Game Reserve so the activity includes a game drive to and from the walk. This walk is not strenuous but does require traversing two short swing bridges over the beautiful uMkuze River. The walk meanders under the magnificent canopy of giant sycamore figs, the oldest of which is estimated at 450 years. The silence of the forest is broken by a multitude of bird calls typified by the wail of Trumpeter Hornbills, while special sightings have included the Pels Fishing Owl, the African Broadbill and the Blue Mantled Flycatcher.

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