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During this rich family heritage, spanning over 60 years, we at Ghost Mountain Inn have endeavoured to tread lightly and with respect for the land, its’ people and the surrounding offerings which we find ourselves nestled within.

With focus on responsibility and sustainability, our property supports the local community with donations of usable waste and continuously introduce new recycling initiatives as part of our waste management system.

Mindful garden maintenance ensures minimal use of herbicides and insecticides, whilst indigenous planting is pursued to ensure that water efficient plants assist in our waterwise awareness. Some of our large trees, which have been preserved through various building projects, offer a home to a host of birds, insects and reptiles, as well as some of our smaller mammal species like bush babies and vervet monkeys. We proudly grow and compost our own vegetable garden, which supplies our kitchen. The responsible use of water and electricity, by both staff and guests, is encouraged at all times to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

Through our Charitable Foundation, development opportunities are sought to support and empower local businesses through various collaborations and community development projects . With an eye on our future generations, we offer learnerships to our local graduates and various resources are provided to uplift the schools in our area. We proudly host the Sisonke Siyakhula (Together we Grow) Learnership programme, which we run in-house for young members of the community providing them with opportunities of hands-on learning within our hotel and provide them with future employment opportunities.

Whilst the region is somewhat remote, where possible, we seek and support local procurement and provide employment opportunities in our endeavour to uplift and empower the people of our neighbouring communities.

Fair Trade Tourism