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Colourful Upgrades to Mkuze’s Big 5 Creche

Our Ndumu Charitable Foundation focuses primarily on improving early childhood development and education within our immediate communities. One of the ECD centres that we support is the Big 5 creche in Mkuze. Last year we donated the land that the creche is built on and we continue to improve the facilities and support where we can.

Not long ago, we joined forces with local business and the Holgate Foundation to enhance the school experience for a number of young kids. The creche recently had an upgrade and we were very excited to host Kingsley Holgate, who visited after his most recent nine-month, 35 000km journey from the southern tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas, to the Nordkapp in Norway’s Arctic Circle.

Colourful Upgrades to Mkuze's Big 5 Creche

Our Ghost Mountain Inn Maintenance department repaired and waterproofed the roof and gutters. Our safari department collected and delivered old unused tyres. For a kid’s play area, parents and staff sunk tires half into the ground.

Spar Mkuze painted the interior and the Holgate foundation volunteers assisted with painting murals. The foundation has also donated a water tank. They also gave a talk on nutrition and donated nutritional porridge meals curtesy of the Do More foundation.


Future plans for the creche are to add a vegetable garden, secure the rubbish area away from the kids, fix the toilets and further improve the play area. The Ndumu Charitable Foundation is funded primarily by the Ghost Mountain Inn and the Ndumu group of companies and by our guests, staff and suppliers. Any assistance to help improve our kid’s education is always appreciated.

Big 5

Please contact us if you would like to make a general contribution, support a particular school or program or supply educational materials.