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Ghost Mountain Inn

Finding Zululand: Ghost Mountain


South Africa is a dream destination for many travellers, promising breathtaking landscapes, unrivalled animal spotting plus luxury accommodation and world-beating food and wine. As a result in its most popular areas the country can feel a little overrun. But there are still less-visited and lesser-known areas (to a UK audience at least) that offer the finest of everything without the crowds. The KwaZulu-Natal region, for example, has the Big Seven (the Big Five of lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino plus humpback whales and great white sharks), the UNESCO-protected iSimangaliso Wetland Park where you can also see leatherback turtles and incredible bird life, the Limpopo mountains, grasslands and the finest and quietest stretch of the Drakensberg Mountains on the border with Lesotho.

Just north of iSimangaliso and the popular town of St Lucia, at the foot of the Lebombo Mountains lies the Ghost Mountain Inn, a historical hotel that offers the perfect jumping-off point to explore the incredible surrounding countryside.

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