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Get to know the local lingo with some zulu phrases

Zulu Phrases


Enjoy learning a little of the local lingo! If you have any difficulty with pronunciation, please don’t hesitate to ask us the next time that you visit the hotel!

Note: sg = singular (said to one person), pl – plural (said to more than one person)



  • Sawubona (sg)
  • Sanibonani (pl)


How are you?

  • Unjani? (sg)
  • Ninjani? (pl)


Reply to ‘How are you?’ 

  • Ngikhona, ngiyabonga. Wena Unjani? (sg) – Meaning: I’m well, thank you, how are you?
  • Sikhona, siyabonga. Nina ninjani? (pl) – Meaning: We are well, thank you, how are you?


What is your name?

  • Ngubani igama lakho?


My name is …

  • Igama lami ngu …


Pleased to meet you

  • Ngiyajabula ukuwazi


Good night

  • Lala kahle (sg)
  • Lalani kahle (pl)



  • Sala kahle (sg – to person staying)
  • Salani kahle (pl – to people staying)
  • Hamba kahle (sg – to person going)
  • Hambani kahle (pl – to people going)



  • Yebo



  • Cha


I don’t know

  • Angazi


Have a nice day

  • Ube nosuku oluhle (sg)
  • Nibe nosulu ulohle (pl)





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